Crypterium bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world

Although this Blog is dedicated to Ripple, I have to give credit where credit is due. Crypterium’s focus is exactly what people like myself have been waiting for. Crypterium is leading the way with mobile instant payments through Apple Pay, POS systems linked to the cryptocurrency and more! Crypterium is currently holding an ICO which you can view here

In 8 years’ time, the crypto-economy will exceed 10 trillion dollars. Cryptobanks will become a cornerstone in the relations between decentralized economy and future daily life by expanding payment infrastructure and possibilities, creating new cryptocurrency payments scenarios and lowering interest rates. Crypterium is a cryptobank creating the future, today.

Crypterium is a contactless cryptobank for everyone

Everything you need in your smartphone: payments, transfers,
currency exchange, instant loans. Our goal – replace your bank.
  • No more wait times for your card to be issued.
    You will get your virtual card just after registration.
  • No limits on transaction volume.
    Seriously, no limits in crypto or fiat.
  • No need for currency exchanges. Instant payments
    in fiat money or cryptocurrencies internationally.
  • Integration with third-party payment wallets or services
    (PayPal, Gyft, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM)
  • Loyalty programs and cashback for every transaction,
    increased cashback for token holders.
  • Contactless payments options – ApplePay, SamsungPay,
    AndroidPay, QR code
     mechanics and many others.

Cryptocurrency acquiring solution for merchants

We are creating a global cryptopayments infrastructure

  • Merchants receive fiat money even if payment is made in cryptocurrency
  • Ready-to-use solutions for e-commerce platforms and site builders
  • Commissions are lower than card acquirement — only 0.5%
  • In-built exchange, marketing platform and solutions for automatic loyalty programs
  • Integrations with main POS software: R-keeper, Inpass, Cegid, Amber
    18 uniques solution
     for every sphere of retail trade and services:
  • SMB, street-retail, HoReCa, e-commerce, transport sphere, vending,
    parking and others

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