Development Team Behind Toast Wallet Working on XRP Point of Sale

Just another reason XRP is leading every other crypto currency in actual real world use. The team behind Toast Wallet is currently developing a point of sale system for XRP. Below is a statement released on Reddit today:

We’re hard at work developing in the Ripple ecosystem. We’ve reviewed almost every other crypto-currency on the market and stand by our conviction that Ripple is the only serious, production-ready system that is both scalable and fast enough for consumer payments.

XRP is often cited as the “banker’s coin.” We want to remind the community that this is only one use-case for XRP. Its fast settlement speed (3 seconds), reliability, price stability and extremely low transaction fees make it fantastic for personal payments and both online and in-person retail payments.

Bitcoin may be climbing but at the same time large merchants like Steam have stopped accepting it because it is impossible to transact cheaply and efficiently in. In our opinion alt-coins exist because Bitcoin doesn’t work as a transaction currency.

XRP does work as a transaction currency. It can handle the throughput of a real payment system without breaking down. In our opinion XRP is uniquely positioned to fill this important role for ordinary users as well as large institutions, and on this basis we will continue to develop for it.

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