John McAfee Shows Off His Skycoin Back Tattoo

Digital currency pundit John McAfee today showed off a massive back tattoo with Skycoin inscription, saying his tech folks will shoot a two minute video detailing the essence of the experience.

McAfee said if anybody is asking “Why Skycoin” at this time, then that person is residing in a closet.

The programmer cum crypto enthusiasts met the Skycoin team at the recently concluded Malta Conference, and decided to partner with them due to their “amazing product line”.

The crypto big dad said during the weekend that “I am on board and partnering with the folks at  and their amazing product line. My heart and mind resonate with their efforts. For those of you who want to trash me and label my efforts as “shilling”, you may, with my full permission and support, fuck off.”

Meanwhile, McAfee has declared his intention to run for Potus, however, the cryptocentric man prayed nobody one vote for him.

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