With Coinsquare ready to add XRP, are they prepared to handle the influx of business?

Everyone, especially Canadians are very excited about Coinsquare.io indicating they will be adding XRP to their exchange in February. However, concerns from existing Coinsquare.io users are looming. Existing customers have been met with delayed withdrawals, unresponsive support ticket requests and funds being stuck in withdrawal status due to confirmation emails  not being sent out. How does Coinsquare expect to become a legitimate player in this crypto world if users funds are stuck, not being applied to accounts and cannot be withdrawn?

Cole Diamond, the CEO has been making his news rounds, the Twitter account is active, daily, yet nobody responds to serious customer issues. This is very alarming, and hopefully Coinsquare gets these issues addressed before customers start taking legal action.

We advise Coinsquare to respond to these issues immediately.

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